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        2. Anhui Tiankang medical Technology Co.,LTD.  Welcome!

          "National Model Worker Zhao Kuan Innovation and Research Center" to promote the conference was held


               In order to earnestly implement the national "14th Five-Year Plan" development plan and continue to promote the group's innovation, innovation and research work, on the morning of March 12, Anhui Tiankang Group held a grand conference of "National Model Workers Zhao Kuan Innovation and Research Center" in the conference center. Chairman Zhao Kuan attended the meeting and delivered an important speech, group leader Mao Wenzhang presided over the meeting and read out the promotion document.
              Chairman Zhao Kuan pointed out at the meeting that in the development process of nearly 50 years, Tiankang Group mainly relies on innovation to lead the continuous development and growth. In the government work report of this year's two sessions, the word "science and technology" was mentioned 23 times, and the word "innovation" was mentioned 43 times. The Outline of the 14th Five-Year Plan clearly states that innovation-driven development should be pursued, and self-reliance and self-improvement through science and technology should be taken as strategic support for national development. Only innovation can meet the needs of rapid development, only innovation can cope with the ever-changing opportunities and challenges, and only innovation can achieve the grand goal of "a hundred years of health".

             Chairman stressed that "the national labor model and research center" is about "the three innovation" and "the three equal" guide, encourage, promote overall important platform for innovation and inquiry, but also motivate everyone to find another job ", "thing," do the practical work, achieving it "good opportunity, the promotion conference, to form the overall innovation and further research the thick atmosphere, full of innovation and research ability, promote innovation and research the quantity and quality, comprehensive build and construct an innovative enterprise.

               While chairing the meeting, Mao Wenzhang stressed that Zhao Kuan's innovation studio, named after its chairman, had been named by the All-China Federation of Trade Unions as a "national model worker and craftsman talent innovation studio". Zhang Wenjing, vice chairman of the Provincial Federation of Trade Unions, came to Tiankang to award the brand on behalf of the provincial general manager, which was a full affirmation of the innovation work of Tiankang Group and a full commendation for the chairman Zhao Kuan, as a national model worker, to strengthen enterprise innovation and lead the efficient development of enterprises. We should make full use of the important platform of "National Model Workers Innovation and Research Center" to carry out innovation and innovation research at various levels, in many ways and in many ways. It is necessary to improve ideological understanding and deeply understand the importance and necessity of innovation work. All departments and departments should put innovation work at a higher level and position and do innovation work strictly and conscientiously. All employees should initiate, participate and innovate to create a strong innovation atmosphere and effectively optimize the innovation environment. Closer to the Group's medium and long-term development ideas and industrial planning, the Group should formulate and implement innovation strategies, orderly promote the process of project research and development, accelerate the transformation of achievements, and boost the Group's efficient and high-quality development.

                Group leaders Zhao Jianbing and Bai Baodong read out "Notice on the Establishment of the" National Model Worker Zhao Kuan Innovation and Research Center "to promote the leadership group", "Notice on the Establishment of the" Innovation and Research Center "the first batch of innovation and research teams and the announcement of the first batch of storage projects" at the meeting; Xu Chengye of the optical cable innovation and research team and Chen Feng of Shanghai Zhicheng innovation and research team respectively made a statement.

          Group leaders, sales vice president, innovation and research team members, heads of factories (companies) and departments, members of the Hundred Person Program, sales managers and outstanding staff representatives attended the meeting.

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